About Us

  Toronto Jazz Society, formerly Metro Jazz Society, was formed in the mid fifties by a small core of music enthusiasts.  For a while, meetings took place in member’s homes where newly released jazz records were played and discussed or a member would present a program on the music and life of an artist.

Occasionally musicians would be invited to play and talk about their career with the members.


Over the ensuing years TJS membership has increased (including the admittance of Women, to everyone’s benefit) and meetings are held at a very nice Pub in Central Toronto.  This venue is easily accessible, has a piano, and provides audio-visual equipment.
Today, there is plenty of time for discussion with other members, as we encourage social engagement.  Food is normally provided (at mid-break time), and an excellent selection of beers and other drinks are available.

Members are encouraged to bring along guests.

  The Toronto Jazz Society hosts Musicians who normally play two one-hour sets three or four times a year.
The emphasis is on local talent, of which there is a rich pool.
The TJS also promote upcoming music students.  They enjoy playing some of the old tunes, but newer Jazz is often introduced.
To name a few, the following are some of the musicians:  Bob Brough Quartet, Mike Murley Quartet, Richard Whiteman Quartet/Quintet, Sophia Milman, Ori Dagan Quintet, Reg Schwager Duo, Bernie Senensky Quartet, Richard Underhill Quartet, Leland Whitty Quartet,Ted Quinlan Quartet, and Brian Dickenson on piano.


TJS Members still prepare and present programs focusing on a certain artist, their career or period.  It will be mixture of discussion and playing of recorded music to emphasize the points made.  TJS Members are all encouraged to take part.